So about a year of two after I started my journey into [fanfiction], I came across a lovely website called FictionAlley. It was a mass homage to the Harry Potter fandom that I adored all the way into shortly after the last book was released. Then I got into college, and only paid attention to FA when my favorite fanfics updated. It didn’t help that a lot of them were also hosted on FanFiction.Net.

So imagine my surprise when I look up to find that the front page of Fiction Alley is now a blogspot page. It’s like, oh damn, what happened to my site? I mean it’s not too bad, because apparently the rest of the site is fine, but there’s no denying that there’s been a downgrade here.

It was a server thing. It crashed a couple times, there was money issues for the hosting; all the stuff that you would expect for why a site would downgrade. I’m not mad at them, to be honest: I hope they can go back to being as awesome as they once were, but I truly can’t be mad at them. I am honestly mad at myself.

It wasn’t like I didn’t know something was up. There was quite a fews months worth of missing updates about two years back, and lord knows the essay section hasn’t been updated since 2009. Still, I should have done something. I should have donated when it was time to donate. I should have noticed!

But I didn’t, and now I’m here ranting about how awesome used to be. I’m almost ashamed to sign back into the forums. They’re still the same by the way. Which is awesome, but the state of the front page is a massive downer.


I’m gonna go drown in fan depression.

Originally written for well over two years ago (I know! It’s super late!)