Yesterday, I had three talks with three different friends about what it is that I want out of life, and what it is that I want in a job. I’m naturally vague and fairly easy to please. I want a great job with a good paycheck, that doesn’t make me feel like I’m going to mess something up. I think that last part is impossible, but any job that has a generally low level of anxiety works.

And then one of my friends suggested applying to Google.

The thought that immediately came to mind was, I have neither an Engineering degree, nor an IT degree, so how the hell could I get a job at Google? Google, the billion-dollar company that already has a hold on my life because of my love for Android, and my Chrome-dependency. Google, who had me ready to call Time Warner and tell them to cut my cable when I heard about Chromecast. Google who has me honestly contemplating spending $120 per month on a cable/internet bundle that won’t even be available in my city for another 3 years ( AUSTIN BEFORE HOUSTON, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!!!). Google, whose name alone makes me automatically go “DON’T LET THEM CONTROL YOUR LIFE, THEY ALREADY CONTROL YOUR INTERNET”, whilst looking for the next Google product I can get my hands on.

I’m serious, it is only practicality and the fact that I can put Chrome on anything that stops me from buying Google everything.

But to work for Google? Oh gosh, would that not be a dream? Bright polos and techies from every corner of the world spread out across a sparkling white expanse of Geek utopia.  They make top ten of every ‘this would be a great place to work (if you could just get hired)’ list, every year. Every college grad you will ever meet would sell their own organs to work for Google.

So imagine my shock when an opening comes up for a job that I somewhat qualify for. At Google.

I died.

And Jesu Criste, why was that application so easy? It almost feels like a trap; why does it feel like a trap?

This is why normal people can’t apply to billion dollar companies.

Still, what if I got hired? It’s not a stretch. It’s fairly possible; the position is basically Human Resources. I’ve been doing more hiring, firing and recruiting in the last month alone than I have in the last year. It’s not rocket science, you just have to know people. I like getting to know people.

Sometimes it’s not just about the experience, it’s about the personal Philosophy. You can have the right credentials all day, but are you going to gel with your new coworkers? Can you be trusted to go to bat for your employees, if they need you to? Can upper management trust you to be a good leader? Or will you come in and mess up the dynamic in the WORST way?

And sometimes you can’t get around that. Sometimes the wrong people have the right words. Sometimes the right people fumble. Sometimes the absolute perfect person for the job, passes it up for something else entirely. But, honestly, who would pass on Google? Barack Obama would leave the White House if Google came at him with a Corporate Governance job.

Maybe not, but I feel like he just might consider it.

In any case, I applied to the job plus one more that’s based in Austin – I don’t get the fascination with this college town that is literally only UT and the state capitol. Do I expect an answer back? Not really, but I feel like the simple fact that I applied is a step in the right direction for me. Google represents a dream job; an impossible dream, but a dream job none-the-less. If you can get on at Google, you can get on anywhere. But even if you can’t get on at Google, you’ve at least proved to yourself that there was a Google job out there that you could have filled, if given the chance. And I feel like once you’ve tried with a multi-billion dollar company like Google, trying with those millionaire/thousandaire/non-profit companies is a piece a cake.

So I want to work for Google. I’ve applied, and I probably won’t get it, but at least I’ll know I’ve tried.