It’s something that I can admit to. I can’t write a nice developing romance, mostly because I have never formed one on my own. My mother says its because I’ve never been in love, but then what do you call that boy from whom 90% of my work in the last seven years of my life was spawned?

#FunFact though: none of the characters based off of he and I ever ended up together. They would be together for all of two seconds, then they would start fighting each other. Like, in my head, I knew it would never work out for whatever reason, but my heart never wanted to listen.

I used to write romances when I was  twelve, but they never made much sense, or they were just too damned perfect. The romance in Twilight totally reminds me of the stuff I used to write as a kid: the perfect guy, the wealthy family he comes from, their generosity towards me, and then me totally spazzing out because I don’t understand how the hell he could want me as apposed to these other broads.

Seriously, I have stuff from 2002 using those same ideas. Which is why I continue to say that Stephanie Meyer writes like a twelve-year-old me. And don’t act like you read her stuff for anything more than that unbelievable romance.

But yea, I can write an established romance. Mostly because its all based on what I think a relationship should be like. It usually works out pretty okay, simply because I leave it completely in the background. I used to write minor sex scenes – the citrus-y kind because I was too young to really be able to write out the complete act. Those … have never seen the light of day. Except for one or two people, by accident.

Now why was I writing this post? Oh yea, I can’t write a romance, but I’m trying my hardest to change that. I think that that’s a major handicap on my part, so I want to rectify it. And I will. Honestly, I can write comedy, semi-sad scenes, horror and suspense if I tried, maybe a mystery after several rewrites, but romances stump me. Well, not anymore. I shall conquer it!

As soon as I conquer this writer’s block.


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